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Our System

With the help of one the North-east finest web developers Coal/Face, Notjustaticket.com has been carefully constructed and designed by two experienced promoters & venue managers.

At notjustaticket.com we take pride in our ability to fully understand and create a system that ensures your tickets are safely distributed. Coming from an events background with over 6 years of experience, we can easily find the perfect solution for you wherever you are – at home, at the office or out and about.

Barcoded tickets : We email or text MMS a unique barcode straight to your inbox. At the door of the venue you will be met by a hand-held scanner. Using state of the art Apple technology it ensures reliability and security and comes in a familiar & easy to use medium. All of this is at no extra cost to you as either the venue/promoter/business or as a consumer. It perfectly serves both ends of the ticketing transaction.

• Paperless tickets : Are exactly as they sound. PAPERLESS! This eco friendly and completely free solution to event management provides a high level of security for everyday events through an sms containing a 4 digit PIN unique to everyone. A quick, secure and environmentally friendly solution for the everyday event.

E tickets : Purchased tickets are sent via email to the consumer. The unique and bespoke ticket is brought to the entrance of the event, where Notjustaticket.com provides the register, downloadable from the Event Abacus section.

Event Abacus

Event Abacus is your one stop shop for managing your tickets for your event. Here it will be it easy to list new-ticketed events, alter the amount of tickets available, amend ticket prices and ticket price levels. Furthermore your Event Abacus covers the entirety of your event, gives you vital business data as it happens and means that at all times you know exactly your sales position. (Real Time Data)

The Event Abacus has been developed by notjustaticket.com to provide businesses with all the information they need to maximise success of their current and future events. All business account holders will have access to a range of data and functionality developed specifically to meet the needs of the promoter, this includes:

• Live feed as people arrive at the event (ticket redemptions)
• % admittance relative to ticket sales
• Gender of event goers
• Geo graph (who bought tickets & where)
• Rep performance/Rep leaderboard
• Total sales over selected time period

It is our aim at Notjustaticket.com to provide more than just a ticket listings website. Our aim is to help your event realise its full potential. Contact us for promotional consultancy where we can give you access to MMS, Email and Text campaigns, aswell as vast distribution networks in the North East and beyond. With over 6 years in marketing events – we can provide dynamic & hands-on trouble shooting based on our hard earned experience.